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Can I just walk in there and buy stuff?

Yes! We know, it's been a confusing time, but yes, we have a selection of cupcakes, cookies, butter tarts, cake truffles and scones available for purchase daily. We also typically have a couple grab-and-go cakes available in our fridge for last minute celebrations (or cravings, we don't judge!).

Custom cakes and cupcakes, special diet items and cake pops are available by order only.

How do I place an order or get a quote?

Yay! Thanks for coming to us! Orders can be placed by email, over the phone or in person. Please be ready with as much information as possible (maybe more than you think we'd need!) such as: date and time the order is needed, what it's for, size or number of servings, flavours, design ideas, themes, colour and reference photos and if delivery is needed. Pricing custom work takes time, so we can't give you a price on the spot; we will take all that information and get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. A quote does not guarantee an order; a deposit of 50% of the order total will be required to confirm the order. 

How much notice do you need for an order?

We require a minimum of:

Custom cake, cupcake and cake pop orders - 10 days

Special diet or custom flavour orders - 7 days

Party cakes - 48 hours

Cupcakes, cookies, scones - 24 hours

Keep in mind these are minimum timelines, so sooner is always better, as we do sometimes book up earlier!

Sometimes we are able to take orders with less notice, but they may be subject to a 20% overtime fee.

Do you require a deposit to place an order?

Yes, for all orders over $20, we require either full prepayment or a deposit of 50%. The balance may be paid on pickup.

What if I need to cancel/postpone/change my order?

Oh no! Sorry to hear that.


More than 7 days: we offer full refund of any payments 

5-7 days before pickup: we will refund any payments above the 50% deposit paid

4 or less days: we cannot cancel, refund, postpone or change any orders; we will proceed with the order as planned for your date


More than 7 days: we can postpone your order to any future date

5-7 days: we can postpone the order for up to 2 weeks at no extra charge


More than 7 days: we can make any changes to the order

5-7 days: we may be able to make changes for an extra charge

How do I transport/store my order?

Cakes and cupcakes should be transported in a cool vehicle, on a level surface where they can't move around. Cakes should be refrigerated until about 2 hours before serving. Cupcakes should be stored at room temperature. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage sustained to an order after it leaves the bakery.

Do you deliver?

We try to accommodate deliveries when possible. Deliveries are typically available locally only, during our regular business hours, with at least two day's notice. The availability and charge is dependent on distance, so send us the address and we'll get back to you with pricing.

Are you nut-free?

We are not. We have both peanuts and tree-nuts in our kitchen, so while there may not be nuts in your order, we can't guarantee no cross-contamination.

Do you make gluten-free/egg-free/vegan/sugar-free products?

Mostly! We make vegan, gluten-free-friendly and egg-free items by order only- options can be found here: https://www.sweetbakery.ca/menu/special-diet-cupcakes and here: https://www.sweetbakery.ca/menu/special-diet-cakes. Please note that we are not a gluten-free kitchen, so can't guarantee no cross-contamination. We do not make sugar-free or reduced sugar items.


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