single     1/2 dozen     dozen

regular cupcakes  $2.70          $15            $28

mini cupcakes       $1.50           $8            $15

jumbo cupcake        $4               --               --

cake truffles          $1.75          $10            $18

cupcake flavours


chocolate cake, chocolate frosting


vanilla cake, vanilla frosting

chocolate salted caramel

chocolate cake, caramel filling, chocolate frosting, caramel sauce, coarse salt


vanilla cake, lemon curd filling, lemon frosting

cookies and cream

chocolate cake with oreo baked in, vanilla frosting, mini oreo


brown sugar cake with butterscotch chips, vanilla frosting, caramel sauce

peanut butter chocolate

peanut butter cake, milk chocolate ganache frosting

chocolate raspberry

chocolate cake, raspberry curd filling, raspberry frosting


coconut cake, cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut

cookie dough

vanilla cake with chocolate chips, cookie dough frosting

sweet seasonal sensations

Available every day in July:

red velvet

    classic red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting

Canadian blueberry

      blueberry rooibos tea cake with real blueberry frosting

orange creamsicle

     vanilla cake topped with orange frosting

chocolate mint

     chocolate cake with mint frosting