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custom flavours


Custom flavours are available by order of a MINIMUM of 12 minis or 6 regular size per flavour

Custom flavours incur a surcharge of $3 per flavour

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for custom flavour orders

red velvet

     red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting

carrot cake

     carrot cake, cream cheese frosting

chocolate mint

     chocolate cake, mint frosting


     vanilla cake, strawberry filling, strawberry or vanilla frosting

raspberry swirl

     raspberry swirl cake, vanilla frosting, raspberry on top

hummingbird cake

     banana, coconut, pineapple, walnut cake, cream cheese frosting

orange creamsicle

     vanilla cake, orange frosting

Guinness chocolate

     Guinness chocolate cake, whisky ganache filling, Bailey's frosting

Earl Grey orange

     Earl Grey tea cake, orange frosting

fluffer nutter

     peanut butter cake, marshmallow frosting

cinnamon bun

     cinnamon swirl cake, cinnamon pecan filling, vanilla frosting

mango lime

     mango tea cake, lime frosting

green tea lavender

     green tea cake, lavender frosting

Ferrero Rocher

     chocolate hazelnut cake, Nutella frosting, crushed hazelnuts

German chocolate

     light chocolate cake, pecan-coconut filling, light chocolate frosting

Hostess cake

     chocolate cake, marshmallow creme filling, chocolate frosting

cotton candy

     rainbow bit cake, cotton candy frosting

rocky road

     chocolate almond cake, marshmallow frosting, chocolate chips and almonds

maple bacon

     bacon-studded maple-tea cake, blueberry filling, maple frosting, bacon on top


     maple tea cake, maple frosting


     blueberry rooibos tea cake, blueberry frosting

apple crumble

     apple cinnamon cake, vanilla frosting, oat crumble topping

raspberry cheesecake

     vanilla cake, cheesecake filling, raspberry puree, graham frosting

chocolate coconut

     chocolate cake, coconut frosting, shredded coconut


     chocolate cake, peanut nougat filling, caramel frosting, caramel and peanuts

     on top


     tequila-infused lime cake, tequila-lime frosting, coarse salt and lime zest

     on top

butter pecan     

     pecan-studded brown sugar cake, brown butter frosting

hot chocolate

     chocolate cake, milk chocolate filling, marshmallow frosting

pina colada

     pineapple-coconut cake, rum frosting, pineapple on top

Boston Cream

     vanilla cake, vanilla custard filling, chocolate frosting

root beer float

     root beer cake, vanilla cream filling, root beer frosting

nutella banana

     banana cake, nutella frosting

london fog

     earl grey tea cake, vanilla custard filling, vanilla frosting

pink lemonade

     pink lemon cake, strawberry-lemon filling, pink lemon frosting

Irish coffee

     coffee cake, whisky frosting

banana split

     banana cake, strawberry filling, vanilla frosting, chocolate sauce and a cherry

     on top

arnold palmer

     black tea cake, lemon frosting

pumpkin brown butter

     spiced pumpkin cake, brown butter frosting

black forest

     chocolate cake, cherry filling, vanilla frosting, cherry on top

chocolate orange

     chocolate cake, orange frosting


     graham crust, chocolate chip-studded chocolate cake, broiled marshmallow

strawberry rhubarb

     vanilla cake, strwberry-rhubarb filling, rhubarb frosting


     vanilla cake, caramel filling, milk chocolate frosting

coffee crisp

     chocolate cake, coffee frosting, rolled in crushed coffee crisp

lavender berry

     bluberry rooibos tea cake, wildberry filling, lavender frosting

triple chocolate

     white chocolate cake, dark chocolate filling, milk chocolate frosting

banoffee pie

     banana cake, caramel filling, vanilla frosting, toffee bits on top

cream tea

     english breakfast tea cake, stawberry filling, vanilla frosting

white chocolate

     white chocolate cake, vanilla frosting

Nanaimo bar

     coconut walnut chocolate cake, Nanaimo filling, chocolate frosting