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cupcake pricing

cupcake                                                   quantity               price

regular size cupcakes                              single                  $2.70 (+ tax)

                                                                 1/2 dozen           $15

                                                                 dozen                 $28

mini cupcakes                                         single                   $1.50 (+ tax)

                                                                1/2 dozen            $8

                                                                dozen                  $15

gluten-free or egg-free*

     regular size cupcakes                       1/2 dozen             $18

                                                               dozen                   $36

     mini cupcakes                                   dozen                   $18

custom flavour*

     regular size cupcakes                      1/2 dozen              $17

                                                              dozen                    $30

     mini cupcakes                                  dozen                    $17


*Gluten-free, egg-free or custom flavour cupcakes are only available by order in minimums of 6 regular size or 12 minis. Please allow a minimum or 48 hours for gluten-free, egg-free or custom flavour cupcakes

There is no tax on 6 or more items. Yay!

Custom designed cupcakes vary in price depending on design. Get more information here.


Our cupcakes are the best!

We bake 14 flavours every day in mini and regular size.