100 Bronte Rd. Unit 1                                          

Oakville, ON L6L 6L5                                                  



baked goods

We offer a daily selection of freshly baked treats!

Everything is made in house with the same love and attention that goes into our cupcakes.

All bakery treats are available for custom order in any number or flavour.

scones                                                          $1- $2.70

- sweet and savoury baked fresh in store every day: cranberry lemon and cheddar chive

- different sizes and plain tea scones available by custom order

cookies, squares and butter tarts           $1.50- $2.95                                   

- daily selection of treats available each day- call to find out

- cookies, squares and butter tarts are all available to order

cake truffles and cake pops                 $1.75- $3.50

- 4-6 flavours of cake truffles available in store daily

- cake pops available by custom order only