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party cakes

Not every cake needs to be fully customized! Sometimes you just want a simple but delicious dessert for your event- that's where our party cakes come in!

Every cake consists of three layers of cake and two layers of filling.  They can be customized with any of the following at no extra cost:

-- hand-written message

-- coloured vanilla buttercream finish

-- rosette design

-- naked, rustic or textured stripe finish

Party cakes are available by order with a minimum of 2 business days (keep in mind we are closed on Mondays and more time is always better, as we do book up!) in the following flavours:


vanilla birthday cake

     vanilla cake -- vanilla buttercream

chocolate birthday cake

     chocolate cake -- chocolate buttercream

chocolate salted caramel

     chocolate cake -- chocolate buttercream, caramel and coarse salt


     vanilla cake -- lemon buttercream and lemon curd

chocolate raspberry

     chocolate cake -- raspberry buttercream and raspberry curd

cookie dough

     vanilla chocolate chip cake -- cookie dough frosting

cookies and cream

     chocolate or vanilla oreo cake -- vanilla buttercream


     butterscotch cake -- vanilla buttercream and caramel


     coconut cake -- cream cheese frosting

peanut butter chocolate

     peanut butter cake -- milk chocolate buttercream

vanilla confetti

     funfetti vanilla cake -- vanilla buttercream


     chocolate and vanilla marble cake -- vanilla buttercream

red velvet

     red velvet cake -- cream cheese frosting  


party cake pricing

6" round -- 10 servings -- $40

8" round -- 20 servings -- $55

9" round -- 28 servings -- $65

10" round -- 35 servings -- $80

8"x8" square -- 25 servings $60

9"x13" rectangle -- 40 servings -- $90

4" smash cake -- $20

chocolate salted caramel party cake

textured stripe finish

rustic texture finish

vanilla birthday cake

rosette design