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buttercream only!

Here at Sweet, we only cover our cakes and cupcakes in buttercream, not fondant. So what does that mean exactly? First off, let's define the two things:

Buttercream- While there are many types of buttercream, what we use is closer to frosting or "American buttercream"- basically, the stuff your mom put on your cake when you were a kid. For us, it's the creamy flavourful frosting that's on top of our cupcakes, between our cake layers and covering the outside of our cakes.

Fondant- Simply put, it's edible play-doh or plasticine. A malleable sugar paste that can be rolled out, cut out, molded or shaped for many different things. When you see a cake with a ceramic-smooth finish, that's fondant. Anything you see that's 3D on our cakes or cupcakes is also fondant.

So, while fondant is super useful for making a cake look perfectly smooth, its taste and texture are less than desirable. Most people just peel it off their slice of cake before diving in! We'd rather you enjoy every last crumb, and believe it is possible to make a beautiful cake that's not covered in sugar paste, so choose to only cover our cakes with buttercream.

Disclaimer: There are certain effects that can only be achieved with a fondant coating, so it means we don't do sculpted or shaped cakes. That said, there are effects you can only do with buttercream too! If you have an image in mind and you're not sure what it is and if we can do it, just send it over and we'll let you know!